The Area around Loglivin'...
THE TOWN OF SOLDIERS GROVE is a few miles away and offers all the basic shopping conveniences as well as a medical center, fire department and nursing home. The North Crawford School District serves the area with a modern K-12 school system. Law enforcement, in what is a low crime area, is served by the Crawford County Sheriffs Department.

There are three larger towns, Viroqua, Richland Center and Boscobel all about equal distance from the Loglivin' property, roughly 20-23 miles, that should fulfill any other basic shopping needs right up to two Wal Mart Superstores. The city of LaCrosse is about an hour away and is the major cultural and shopping core of southwest Wisconsin.
SOLDIERS GROVE,WI.  Solar collectors heat the buildings in winter in America's first solar village. The town provides all of the basic necessities.
The history of Soldiers Grove is replete with stories of Kickapoo River floods.. In 1978, a major flood destroyed much of the original town for the last time. The business district was moved to higher ground and new buildings were designed, both internally and externally, to take advantage of solar energy. As a result, "Solar Town USA" is the first and perhaps only solar village in the US, unique in both form and function.

Today, Soldiers Grove is a modern village located in the heart of Wisconsin's Hidden Valleys, an ideal headquarters for exploring the deep coulee region, where time has stood still and history is all around.