The lay of the land...
Most of the property is covered with a natural hardwood forest composed mainly of maple and oak trees plus a large number of pine, spruce and fir trees. As the home is on a hill, the natural wooded areas are mainly on the hillsides. This is a winter view of one of the white pine forests that a nature trail runs through.
An early fall view from the kitchen window . Gently rolling hills surround the property with a breathtaking view from every window. About 12,000 pine, spruce and fir trees have been planted on this hilltop. 10 acres are in pasture and wildflowers.
The house is on top of this hill, but not visible from the county road near the western edge of the property, where this photo was taken from. This is a typical view of the hill country where Loglivin' is located. Norway spruce trees are in the foreground. 
The entrance to the Loglivin' estate begins at a grove of beautiful white pines but does not reveal anything about the magnificent home at the end of the driveway. This is the only entrance, which is located on a dead-end road. A steel gate may be closed for maximum privacy if desired. The asphalt driveway leading to the home is over 2,000 feet long and starts just beyond what you can see in the picture.
A barred owl is rarely seen during the day. This one showed up atop one of the white pines for a photo shoot.
Wildflowers line the driveway in late summer and early fall and whitetail deer are common visitors.
Another view of the top field and pine forest