This land is where you cut your own Christmas trees. These are some of the smaller frazier fir trees with larger pine and spruce in the background.
The office and laundry room are on the north east end of the house. Electricity and phone lines to the house are all underground...no wires in the sky around here.
Standing on the large front porch in front of the main entrance you see the unique round top side door and the office window to the left of it.
There is a lot of glass on the front as well as the rear side of the great room. The main entrance to the house opens to the great room and has French doors and four large sidelites as well as a large triangular glass area above. All exterior light fixtures are custom made in the shape of pine trees.
The double garage is mostly underground on the western side of the house. It is accessible through the lower level of the house.
Deck bowling, anyone? This large deck, 55 feet long, is on the south side of the house. The perfect place to party with a group or tan by yourself. The kitchen is to the right in the picture with the great room behind it.
The equipment shed is a 14 ft. x 14 ft. log-sided building and has an extended roof on one side which can be used as a boat cover.
THIS LARGE HOME has three levels. The upper level has the two dominant bedrooms, each 19 ft. x 24-1/2 ft. The master bathroom between them, 9-1/2 ft. x 13 ft., has a shower and a Jacussi. While relaxing in the foaming waters there is a beautiful view of the hills and forests that surround you and all the privacy you can possibly imagine. At night, the stars are your company in this area where the air is as clear as the water.  The underground garage is on the lower level as well as the walk-out recreation and exercise room with a glass wall and French doors.
An annual profusion of flowers adorns the front entrance.
The studio building is conveniently close to the house.